First Flower

by Heavenface

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released April 29, 2014




Heavenface Alabama

halfway to eden

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Track Name: Mother (or another way to say 'I love you')
Oh mother, how'd you know
I'd sleep it off and be okay?
Oh mother, how'd it feel
To clean my wounds and make them heal?

Oh mother, where'd you learn
To raise me right and pave the way
Oh mother, where'd you go?
I needed you more than ever.
Track Name: Branches (or "what are these hands for?")
You're no diamond in the rough
I can't connect to them enough
And now I'm stuck here alone

Singing songs about a place
Where I don't feel the shame
As I try to have a spark with you

Just like the branches of the trees
or the way the leaves move in a breeze
I want to be compelled

Well what are these hands for
If I can't even feel a thing
When I'm holding onto you?

There's something in the way
That's keeping my heart astray
A moth chasing light

Holding bricks on my back
To keep me grounded so that
I can be electrified
Track Name: Lovers (or bridges never built)
Peace of mind
I wont have in time
Longing for you is all I know
It's tearing my mind apart
Each second we lay apart

Teardrops on my bed sheets
Fires in the streets
Sick desperation
Is all I can eat
Track Name: Bedrock (or ephemera)
It's sinking to our heels
Society's weight feels
Like a heavy load
Strapped to our chest

Water's level rise
Flames will fall from skies
As they sit in shelters
Drinking their wine

Covering up their lies
As they look us in the eyes
But at least their children
Wont suffer the same

The ice caps will melt
As they're sitting in yachts
While we drown underneath
The weight of wealth

Leaves suspend in air
As they disappear
Mother nature's gone
To get a beer

Cold tornadoes' blow
Heavy seas will grow
Nothing will be left
Of what we know
Track Name: Death (or everytime)
We begin in the stars
The only end is who we are
It goes in circles, it spins and spins
Broken bodies made from tar

If on Earth, if on Mars
Moving fast in the stars
Burning bodies turn to air
Now we're here, in everytime

Now I'm, now you're, everytime
Now I'm, now you're, everytime

I sing my songs but no one sees
Turning heads till they believe
Flying through a cold, light breeze
Touching bodies in my dreams

Now I'm dead, it's all been said
I'll come back soon, in your head
Bury me into the trees
Now we're here in everytime

Now I'm, now you're, everytime
Now I'm, now you're, everytime
Now I'm, now you're, everytime
Now I'm, now you're, everytime